Gastronomic tourism
Gastronomic tourism
We propose you 5 gastronomic tourism routes

Mallorca is known for its beaches, its crystal clear waters, its beautiful villages and for being one of the places that have inspired many artists. Its warm climate is another feature that makes this island is visited every year by thousands of tourists. But we cannot forget the gastronomic tourism in Mallorca.

In this island good food is also an art. The variety of dishes reflects the different cultures that coexist in this Mediterranean island and that at the same time shape its idiosyncrasy. The offer is wide, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde, which can be summarized in five routes that you cannot miss.

5 routes for gastronomic tourism in Mallorca

Tapas route

It is not only the Peninsula that is known for its pinchos and tapas. In Mallorca, the best tapas route is hidden in the old town of the capital. In the main streets of the neighborhood of Sa Gerreria, you can eat the best tapas in town and quite economical. This makes this route called Martiana very popular not only among residents, but also among tourists. Some of the best known restaurants are: L'Ambigú, El Molta Barra or Ca La Seu.

Ruta de Cellers

In any gastronomic tourism route in Mallorca you cannot miss the Cellers. These were places where wine was elaborated and left to mature in the past. Over time, this type of establishments have been transformed into restaurants specialized in Mallorcan cuisine. The latter is closely linked to the products of the island's land. That is why they have become very popular and easy to locate in any town on the island of Mallorca.

The most fashionable Cellers are Celler de Sa Premsa in Palma, Los Patos in Puerto de Alcudia, Celler Ca'n Amer in Inca and Celler Can Font in Sineu. All of them feature fresh, local ingredients in their dishes. Celler da Sa Premsa stands out for its abundant portions. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in Mallorcan culture!

Vanguardist route

If you flee from the traditional and prefer a more avant-garde cuisine, this is the route for you. These are very creative and constantly evolving dishes that are sure to surprise your palate! However, bear in mind that these are dishes in which aesthetics predominate and portions are small. The most popular restaurants are Sa Fábrica and Jardín. In both, their cuisine is inspired by the island itself. Take the opportunity to order the tasting menu to try the island's products in a different way. You will surely repeat the experience!

Olive oil route

Majorcan gastronomy is characterized by the use of high quality olive oil. One of the best known olive oil routes is between Sóller and Deià. In Sa Muleta you can contemplate centenary olive trees and buy this liquid gold.

Wine route

If you travel further inland, you will discover a very rich wine-growing area. One of the most important is Binissalem. Here they have been making wines since the first century B.C. Another way to get to know this wine culture is with the train tour through the vineyards of Santa Maria and Consell. You will enjoy a guided tour, tastings and tastings.

For those days when you feel like trying something different, but without going on a route, you also have the cuisine of the Hotel Flamboyán-Caribe. In our restaurant, we have an extensive menu where you can savor delicious dishes while you relax on your day off.

For those days when you feel like trying something different, but without going on the road, you also have the cuisine of the Hotel Flamboyán-Caribe.