7 charming villages in Mallorca
7 charming villages in Mallorca
Who said that the islands were only beautiful because of their crystal clear waters?

Mallorca is an island that enchants everyone who visits it. Its beaches with their crystal clear waters are not its only charms, but also its villages that can catch you by their beauty. If you go inland you will discover the charming villages of Mallorca. Its cobblestone streets, stone houses, beautiful landscapes, its traditions... There is so much to discover!Get away for a few days from the turquoise waters of its beaches and discover the heart of this island with mountains, green fields and villages where you can enjoy the gastronomy of Mallorca. So that you know where to start, here are some of the villages that you can not miss.

Villages in the interior of Mallorca that you have to visit


Delve into this municipality hidden in the Serra Tramuntana. Stroll through its pedestrian streets, where you can admire the stone houses adorned with flower pots. You may fall in love with its beauty just like the composer Frederic Chopin, who lived in La Cartuja during the winter of 1838. And don't forget to try the star of the local gastronomy: the potato coca.


Another village in the Sierra de la Tramuntana and where artists have lived is Deià. Its landscape has inspired many. Although today it is best known for its art galleries, craft stores and live music clubs. And be sure to visit the house-museum where the British writer Robert Graves lived.


This town is located in the northern part of the island. Its landscapes and its people will not leave you indifferent. They have their own dialect and traditions. This place is very popular due to its Moors and Christians festivities that are celebrated in August.


In this tour of the charming villages of Mallorca, Capdepera could not be missing. This municipality stands on a medieval fortress of the fourteenth century, from which you can see Menorca.


Fifteen minutes from Palma, is Esporles where the tranquility is disturbed by the bustle of the cafes of the central promenade. Although what is most surprising is how a small stream runs between the houses and crosses the town from end to end.


If you want to escape from mass tourism, we recommend you to visit this beautiful village in Mallorca. Some consider it the last refuge of the fishermen of the island. Its natural harbor and the lighthouse stand out. The lighthouse is one of the most emblematic of the islands. 


Have you ever seen an island within an island? Sóller is something like that. This beautiful Balearic village was cut off from the rest of the Balearic Islands until the 1990s. In these years a tunnel was built to make communication easier. Here you can enjoy the valley of orange trees and one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles in the area.In all these seven charming villages of Mallorca, you can learn more about the people, culture, customs and gastronomy of one of the most beautiful islands located in the Mediterranean Sea.

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